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As ICAO and EASA move the civil aviation industry forwards towards a performance based, proactive risk management environment, it is important to keep up to speed with new compliance requirements.  We will help you understand and enable compliance with new regulation by working with your organisation to stay ahead of the game, improve operational capability and profitability.  


Having worked directly with a number of UK defence platforms, we understand the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) requirements.  As the MAA's regulations evolve, Duty Holders and their relevant DH facing organisations must proactively advance their Safety Management Systems to performance based risk management.  We offer practical safety management solutions for Defence Aviation Duty Holders across multiple platforms.


Small unmanned aircraft (drones) are now widely available for commercial and recreational use.  They can cause injury or damage if not used responsibly and so are subject to safety rules underpinned by UK law. Simple Risk Management will help you understand these laws and practically apply them to your organisation safely.


In order to comply with the ISM Code​, each ship class must have a Safety Management System (SMS).  Our team offer practical solutions for shipping organisations in Safety Management.


Oil and Gas Companies are required to tailor their Safety Management Systems (SMS) to specific work operations and work environments.  SRM offers experience and knowledge to guide your organisation through this process.


The Safety Management System (SMS) plays a central role in the EU safety regulatory framework. Designing and implementing an accurate SMS is a challenging task for the railway companies.  SRM provides support to rail organisations through practical advice, design, implementation and delivery of a structured and organisation-wide railway SMS. 


Adventure Sports will always have associated inherent risks.  We work with our clients to understand what these risks are, use risk analysis tools to paint the big picture and implement effective control of these risks so that they are as low as reasonably practicable.  


Film crews are more frequently required to operate in remote regions of the world. We work with our clients to assess risks within the environments they plan to operate and advise on the implementation of control measures so that the residual risks are reduced to the safest of standards.  Other services include remote HLS recces, underslung load advice, risk assessments for Medivac and other specialist technical queries.


Safety management is ultimately about ensuring that front line care is delivered reliably and safely to all patients in a healthcare system.  SRM will work with your organisation to explore various safety management programmes to suit your requirements.

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